Beldent chewing gum proves that chewing gum can actually make you cool(er)

3336142-c7734353The Beldent chewing gum ‘Almost Identical’ social experiment has left me feeling rather inspired today.

With complete out of the box thinking,  Saatchi & Saatchi Argentina focused on creating awareness of the chewing gum brand, by breaking the negative stigma towards gum chewers.

The idea was simple.

Select two identical twins, give one a piece of gum & the other nothing. Then, get people to answer various questions regarding both the gum & non-gum chewers.

The amazing outcome of this experiment, is that it broke through the assumed beliefs regarding gum chewers to reveal a completely conflicting human truth – Gum chewers are in fact a lot cooler then you think!

It also created awareness of the Beldent brand, through a truly unique branded art installation.

Although this social study has definitely debunked a myth or two, I definitely do not suggest you chew gum in your next interview to come across a bit more friendlier. Somehow I feel this may go very wrong – Occasion is everything!


XOXO Industry Newbie XOXO


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