Cadbury Marvellous Creations – Chocolate with personality



Think Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory – on a smaller scale but just as delicious… Think Cadbury Marvellous Creations!

I am absolutely in love with this amazing chocolate not only because it is absolutely to die for delicious, but it has to be one of the most uniquely shaped chocolates out there.

But before I get too caught up in the yum, let me tell you all about my mouth watering weekend.

First stop… Cadbury Marvellous Creations HQ in Sandton City  Shopping Centre!


Let me first start off by saying well done to the entire team involved in bringing this Marvellous idea to life, because it is absolutely fantastic –  from start to finish!


I arrived at around 1pm on Saturday and the line was so long that decided to return a little later that day, assuming that it was just a lunch time ‘rush’.

Well, I couldn’t be more wrong! The small line had in fact grown into a massive queue, which just continued to lengthen throughout the day with a variety of eager shoppers, all EXTREMELY excited to get their hands on the mouth watering goodness only a “few” 50 people away…. Line or no line, nothing was going to stop them!

Entry was being offered to those who had purchased a slab of Cadbury Marvellous Creations, which was made conveniently available across from the pop up shop at the entrance to Clicks.


After a long wait, and switching spots with my boyfriend to either take a toilet break, find some lunch, or walk around to stretch the legs (AKA window shopping which became actual shopping… don’t tell the boyfriend), we finally reached the front!



My level of excitement right now as you can imagine was definitely 100…

The level of excitement of the promoters (Cadbury Oompa-Loompas – which I have to admit were much cuter then Charlie’s) definitely LEVEL 1000!

Wow…. it was either a sugar high of sorts (which would make sense), or the selection of the right promoters, but these Oompa-Loompa’s were just jumping all over the show with excitement, which really brought the online experience alive!

All that long line waiting became so worth it, as I instantly felt transported into a magical world of Marvellous creations with real Oompa-Loompas! This was the kind of experience I was hoping for.


After choosing all my toppings, I had two options of how I wanted to mix it up. Either by bicycle or by crazy mixing wall…

Option 1: Bicycle – For the Fit Folk



Option 2: Crazy Wall Mixer – Not sure what else to call it…



You then walk through the shop with your magical mixed goodness, passing a ‘please lick me now’ lolly pop wall, to the final creation station… And this is were the mouth watering reaches levels of insanity.


I’ll just leave you with some pictures to explain what I mean. As a side note, please refrain from licking your screen…





And finally using the Family Joy Machine, you snap a pic of yourself, upload it with the hashtag #MyMarvellousCreations and receive an instant free photo of your Fan-tab-u-lous experience!


Sugar high, complete!

Overall, it was a brilliant experience, that continued online through both social media and the oh-so-fun Cadbury Marvellous Creations Website where you can even create and name your own chocolate to stand a chance of winning it.

Cadbury Front Page

Cadbury Front Page 2

The delicious additions to the Cadbury’s family #ThisIsWhereTheFussAt #GimmeChocolate

Cadbury Bars

Invent your own Marvellous Creation

Cadbury_Make Your Own

My own invention, which I have dubbed the Black Widow

Cadbury_my invention

And to top it all, they even added in a movie flashmob…. because let’s be OTT why don’t we!? 😀

So why is this a winning campaign?

Well, to put it simply, every touch point  has been looked at in the smallest of detail, ensuring that messages remain consistent and relevant. The further I immersed myself into this campaign, the clearer the story became, and at no point did I feel any brand schizophrenia.

This campaign was a perfect example of integrated experiences.

  • The Facebook page is filled with eye-catching content, and has definitely been a major driver of store activity. User generated content is also driving further interest in the campaign, as a clear sign of FOMO (fear of missing out) sets in for those who still haven’t visited the store
  • The actual pop-up store is vibrant and exciting and really lives up to expectations. From the energetic promoters in their cute outfits, to the fun activities, delicious goodies and perfectly cued sound effects – this pop-up store is really incredible!
  • The instant print out kiosk then provides a perfect link back to social media from the point of experience, allowing you to share your experiences and re-live them with others online. The take home photo is just an added cherry on the cake, reminding you of your Marvellous day!
  • If you have not had enough, the website allows you to engage further with the Cadbury brand and create your own personalised chocolate, with an opportunity to win it.

From social media, to the pop-up store, to the instant photo kiosk, to the website and the flashmob…. Cadbury has just thought of it all.

Thank you Cadbury Marvellous Creations for making my weekend extra Sweet!

XOXO Industry Newbie XOXO


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