Yes, I am back! Okay maybe it’s been over two years, but there’s no better time to start blogging then the present…& speaking about presents, it’s my BIRTHDAY!! YAY!!! The 17th of June, possibly one of the coldest, windiest days of June (…brrrrrr).

Looking back on my previous posts, I feel inspired by my own passion & excitement for the world of experiential… a feeling that I unfortunately started questioning as I moved more and more into the working world – & my reason for this is due to the fact that the people I have encountered on my journey so far, are still confused about what the word Experiential means.

“Experiential is when you use a 360 degree approach, using multiple platforms to communicate messages…”

Excuse me as I climb back into my cave, & hibernate for the rest of winter! I hate this kind of thinking & it kills me when I hear it from people who boast about how long they have been in the industry… Yes, perhaps you have been in the industry before the existence of cellphone technology, but you sir/madam, should open your eyes to the fact that things are not what they used to be. The concept of Experiential is in the name, it’s about EXPERIENCES & fantastic RELEVANT content using the right platforms to deliver WOW!

Every 5 seconds another marketing/activation agency pops up, hoping to be better, deliver more – drive EXPERIENTIAL, but in my opinion 95 percent of them just don’t get it. So my blog is about that 5% of agencies/brands, getting experiential right. The ones who understand the importance of taking risks, creating incredible content & capturing audiences with WOW ideas. I will not only celebrate experiential local, but experiential global – because this is how we as South African marketeers will learn to get it right.


Just remember, you may have been in the industry for the last  20, 30 or 100 years, but you can always learn more & open your mind up to new ideas, even if they come from the industry newbie.

10592948_10152276363842167_5281327752002714172_nxoxo Industry newbie signing off xoxo


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