Edible art? Sounds good to me!

How cool is this edible street art created by Ogilvy Cape Town? I’m sure after all that hard work of getting it up there, seeing it get pulled down and eaten must really suck, but what an awesome idea!!! 😉 I think the funniest part of this campaign is watching people go crazy to get themselves a Chappie (*especially the guy who climbs over the fence, and the other guy who climbs the roof!). That’s one way to show some love for the Chappies brand! Being that it is the first of six edible art activations I cant wait to see where the next one pops up.

So guys, why not try and aim for a Guinness world record while you are at it? Perhaps for the biggest bubble gum artwork? Sounds like it would be fun to try!

*Images linked to source


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