Be a brand with a bang… or a pop!

01What is the best way to get your brand onto the street? Why not through a pop-up store? Pop-up stores are ‘popping up’ everywhere and it’s a great way to create awareness spread word-of-mouth. Here are some awesome pop-up stores bringing their brand to the street!

  • Reebok

Reebok opened up a pop-up store in New York City and called it “FLASH” which featured some one-of-a-kind styles, in both clothing and shoes.

Reebok FLASH Pop Up Store   NYC

  • Nescafe

Nescafe opened a pop up store in Sydney Australia and gave away free coffee. The inside of the pop-up store was even decorated to look like a barista.

Inside, it was had a barista and was fully furnished.

  • Kate Spade 

This pop-up store created for Kate Spade (a designer clothing, shoes, and women fashion accessories store) in New York City, was shaped as an igloo, and offered various luxury goods. They also gave away free cups of cocoa 🙂

  • Puma

The ‘Puma City’ shipping container store was built utilsing  24 shipping containers! This pop up store measures 11, 000 square feet, can travel across the world and is environmentally friendly! Now that’s a great pop-up store concept!


4 thoughts on “Be a brand with a bang… or a pop!

  1. Thanks for the inspiration. I really enjoy reading your posts & I look forward to the day we can discuss this over a cup of coffee sharing our interests & passion. I will certainly invite you to our brand experiences …

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