Ice-cream Dreams!

Time for a tasty treat, made especially for you… Sounds delicious. What about taking all of your favourite things and whipping them together to make the ultimate decadent ice-cream? Wow, my stomach is grumbling just thinking about it –  All I can say is good on you Magnum, good on you! (*and well done to the team at N2O Experiential Marketing).

Magnum’s pop-up store which is open until September the 9th in London (wish I lived there right about now) allows you to create a delicious and unique Magnum experience, with the help of a devoted ‘Pleasure Maker’…. mmmm sounds amazing! (get your mind out the gutter…)


Why does this delectable idea work? Well not only does everyone LOVE chocolate and ice-cream (and cute guys behind a counter….dam that gutter), but consumers love to customise brands to reflect themselves & their personalities. Each & every day consumers actively have a hand in shaping your brand and therefore rather then shying away from it, it’s time to give up the reigns and discover what your brand truly means to them.

Magnum, I solute you!


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