I see you! Well at least Google did!

Street-QuestI cannot tell you how many times I have gone on to Google Street View to “walk” the streets of New York City or Paris, or stalk an ex boyfriend’s house (Okay I only did that once….or twice). But how about using Google Street View to engage your consumers in a fun ‘spot my brand’ adventure. Yes when the Google van came past, your brand received some free advertising, so why not take advantage of it?

Volkswagen South Africa has done just that by creating a fun interactive game called the Volkswagen Street Quest. This game is all about using Google street maps to pin Volkswagens on roads across the country with awesome prizes up for grabs!


Another brand using Google Street View to their advantage is M&M through their ‘Find Red’campaign. M&M were slightly ahead of the game, as before the Google vans drove past  cute red M&M’s were hidden throughout Toronto. It was then up to players to hunt for the hidden M&Ms using Google Street View.

Do you know of any other brands using Google Street View to their advantage? Let us know!



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