Taking your brand to the street

Street art around the world has always been a controversial topic, with this kind of art being viewed as a criminal activity. Yes many of these street artists/graffiti artists may simply deface property with unattractive ‘tagging’ as it is referred to, but some street artists produce some incredible art, with some of their works even being sold off as collectors pieces. One major artist that has however caught my eye is that of Banksy (as he has called himself), a street artist from London, & this year he hasn’t failed to make a statement of Olympic proportions.

Bansky’s work is incredible, and the reason for this is that he has a specific style. By using the existing surroundings, he is able to create pieces that become a part of the environment, like for example the art above creating the impression that the man in the image is actually jumping over the fence.

His work is of such an amazing quality and it brings to question why this kind of street art has not been used in a legal way for branding purposes? Banksy is incredibly talented & it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that this is art!


The picture above is another brilliant piece, which creates the impression that the young boy is in fact sowing the flags together. However Banky’s art may be erased by authorities and street artists have been banned from the Olympic venues. I disagree with this. I think that Banksy and many like him are merely exercising their creative talent and yes this may not be done in a legal way, but I can’t help to look at his work and just say wow. This kind of art creates excitement and interest. People want to see the unusual and like to see the boundaries pushed; and some of these street artists know exactly how to get the public’s attention!

This red telephone booth which was created by Banksy, sold for $605,000 in an auction, showing the high demand for his work. So the real question is why is this kind of street art frowned upon, and why are brands not looking to this form of creativity?

There is definitely a difference between this:

and this:

Well we all have our own opinion on this controversial topic, so what do you think? Do you think there is a way to use this kind of ‘art’ for advertising purposes, or do you think it is merely a destructive activity?


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