Olympic Beauty

Unless you live under a big rock, you would know that the Olympic games started this weekend! How exciting, I haven’t been able to watch anything else except switch channels from Judo to rowing to fencing to swimming to my personal favourite gymnastics 🙂 The opening ceremony was ridiculously long, but I managed to get to watch South Africa enter the stadium before I K.O’d!

So, today I decided instead of discussing anything of relevance to my blog (this might happen often due to my slight A.D.D :)) I’d post a couple of gorgeous photos from the opening ceremony just in case you missed it!

Well lets start with MR BEAN….. ‘Chariots of Fire,’ never sounded so good! Yes he may have only played one note of the song, but it was brilliantly done!


The queens ‘over the top’ entrance after catching a ride with James Bond! What a lucky lady… 😉


The rings on fire, a beautiful scene!



David Beckham (gorgeousness)  + Speedboat + Olympic torch = Why did you miss this!! 😉

David Beckham


An incredible fireworks show! I take my hat off to the guys who made this happen!

Olympic Stadium - London 2012 Olympics: Who will light the torch at the Opening Ceremony?


Now this was incredible!


The biggest torch I have ever seen, wow! such a gorgeous sight!


Another view of the fireworks that surrounded the stadium in light!


Proudly South African!! GO TEAM!! :):):):):)

Caster Semenya Caster Semenya of the South Africa Olympic athletics team carries her country's flag during the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium on July 27, 2012 in London, England.***

So that’s just a quick look into what happened this weekend, and I just know the Olympics are going to be AMAZING this year!

What did you think of the opening ceremony, and what team are you cheering for?


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