Incredible 3D Chalk Art

Wow, can you believe that these are chalk drawings? How amazing, and what an incredible talent. When you see something like this, you have to stop and admire this creativity. So why are more brands not taking advantage of this, and displaying their brands in this unique way?

Here is a 3D chalk drawing to promote the release of the release of the next batman movie, ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ in Europe.



I think that this is absolutely incredible, and although it’s not branded in anyway, it is just breath taking!


Johnny Walker takes you places! This chalk artwork works so well with the ‘Keep Walking’ concept! 


‘Try a different angle’, is right, when the team from Grant’s came up with this idea!


Who wants to go on holiday now? 🙂


How do they do it? This really looks 3D! WOW!

These artworks are really incredible, but I haven’t personally seen one in South Africa. This is really something that creates excitement and I think that simple ideas like these need to be utilsed, especially with the tight advertising budgets of today!



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