We L♥VE social media!

So you are planning an experiential campaign and don’t know how to integrate social media?
Here are 3 examples of easy ways in which to leverage an experiential campaign through social media.

  • Coca-Cola Village – Microchip wristbands
In order to take the experiential campaign online, visitors to the Coca-Cola Village were given microchip wrist bands, which were connected to their Facebook profiles. ‘Like’ machines were then placed around the village and visitors could swipe their wristbands and share their experiences with their Facebook friends. Click onto the link to view the video 🙂
  •  Scandinavian Airlines – QR codes 
The QR Code (Quick Response Code), is a clever idea that has found its way into just about everything. Its basically a barcode image, which when scanned takes you directly to the webpage that it is linked to. The QR code could therefore be really useful when conducting experiential campaigns as it could be used to link to a social media page like Facebook and Twitter. Scandinavian airlines wanted more couples to take advantage of their air miles. In order to do this, they made use of two QR codes, whereby two phones were required in order to scan the two codes and find out what the 2 for 1 offer was. Because of the Standard Youtube License, I am not allowed to post this video, but click on the link below to view the video, or if you want to be all technical about it scan this cool QR code that I made which links directly to the video. (You can download a QR code reader as an app from your app store/app world) 🙂
  •  JimmiJagga – photo backdrops

JimmiJagga is a fusion wine spritz brand launched in 2011. Since then they have built up their following through the use of experiential campaigns that are simple and fun. The JimmiJagga crew set up their photo backdrop and props and wait for crazy people like myself to walk past and grab everyone to get involved. Once they take a group photo they hand you a card where you can locate your images on Facebook. What I have noticed, is that by doing group photos there is more of a chance that one of the friends will go look for the photos and tag their friends. This particular photo was taken of my friends and I at Brightwater Commons, and of course I tagged all my friends on facebook 😉

****Do you know of any other brands that leverage their experiential campaigns through social media? Let us know 🙂 ****


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