Do you really want it? Do you? Really?

What is the best way to find out how much your consumers love your brand?

  • Let them answer a boringly long survey?
  • Send them a coupon and see if they repeat purchase?
  • Close down shop and see if anyone cares?

HAHA… okay I was getting a bit carried away with myself there. How about asking them through a game? A game that gets harder the more it is played, but rewards these loyal customers who choose to play! This is exactly what  the brand ‘Fantastic Delites’ did when they put a  ‘Delite-o-matic’ machine in Melbourne’s Southern Cross station and gave their consumers a challenge. Whether it was to push the big red button 1000 times, or to dance around in front of everyone and come across as slightly crazy! The idea was how bad do you want it and how far will you go? Watch the clip now to see how far some people really did go! 🙂

This campaign has also been carried out digitally with the ‘Delite-o-matic’ machine game having been made available at the following link: and on Facebook

This is really a fun way to find out what your consumers would do for your brand and how loyal they really are!


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