Real South African Talent

South African’s are creative, and what better way to show this then to take a look at a couple of experiential campaigns that have been developed by South Africans?

Campaign 1:  The objective was to create awareness of season 2 of The Walking Dead – Objective acheived! I don’t know about you, but if I was in that movie theatre I would have had a minor heart attack! Now that’s what I call 3D!

Campaign 2 : This campaign was brilliant because it gave the consumer the opportunity to be the coach. I know that all my guy friends shout at the television when bad decisions are made, although shouting at a television never changes anything besides scaring the sh*t out of me and giving me a headache! Carling Black Label (beer brand), either felt really sorry for us women or understood the desire men had to control the game. Either way they decided to give their consumers the power, and ended up with very successful results!


Campaign 3: BMW brings Playstation to the street. This is a smart way of integrating social media and experiential in order to spread word-of-mouth both virtually and in the real world.


Campaign 4: Rhino poaching in South Africa has increased year after year, with huge numbers of rhino being poached during 2012.  This campaign which occurred during ‘South Africa Rhino Day’ was thus meant to bring awareness to the killings of innocent rhino and to get more people to take a stand.



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