Now that makes SENSE!

How do you capture and maintain the attention of your more often then not, ADD target audience? How do you get them to stop, look through the clutter and SEE your brand?

Let’s take it back to the basics, back to the very beginning. Back to our 5 senses…

It’s not only about what your consumer HEARS

OR what your consumer SEES

its also about creating certain emotions through the use of SMELL



Traditionally adverts were all about, “how can we be persuasive & get you to buy more?”  Yes, it was that simple, generally leading to boring, generic content & a cluttered environment. This is where the filtering out of information started, and where the importance of brand building gained relevance.

And then along came the almighty ‘PVR’ (*cue heavenly choir music). Oh yes, this little beauty took away the need to watch any adverts that interrupted our favorite shows! Just record it, or watch it On Demand (* you can see I’m addicted), and this is where it becomes obvious that it’s no longer feasible to only use visual & verbal communication, because if it’s not PVR cutting you out, it’s the consumer filtering you out!

SO it’s time to look at the BIGGER picture by using the other human senses to create actual emotions & feelings. This is where taste, touch and smell start to gain relevance. But this does not mean that the visual and verbal senses are ignored.  An integration of all the senses becomes possible, and the relevance of experiential marketing becomes clear.

Here’s an example of how Lipton Ice Tea uses the sense of touch, in order to create a subconscious association with the feeling of being refreshed when drinking Lipton Ice Tea


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