‘Y’ are you ignoring me!?

The youth market, aka the ‘Millennials’ or ‘Generation Y’ers’, are a confusing group of consumers, neither here nor there, a concentration span close to that of a goldfish but brilliant multitaskers when it comes to being technologically connected or ‘always on’ as it is referred to.


Well, I say this from my own perspective, as I am a Generation Y baby. We LOVE to be connected to one another and we LOVE to talk about the most irrelevant things at the most random times!
When it comes to being connected, we would choose to do it in style with the latest of technologies, because of course new technology means more ways of staying connected!

We are technologically talented, whereby using technology is like second nature to us and many a time we would feel lost if we didn’t have technology in our lives. Well, again I now speak from my personal experience. My cellphone is glued to my hand! If I have not looked at my phone over 100 times a day, I probably haven’t looked at it enough. I go onto Facebook and Twitter EVERYDAY without fail. Yes, it sounds insane, but to me that’s normal, and I fail to understand why my parents don’t hear their phones ringing when I call them, or why after an hour I haven’t received a call back. How have you not looked at your phone within the last hour?? #confused


So if it’s clear that the Generation Y’ers are so connected, why do some brands fail to recognize that in order to talk to this market you need to simply reach them in a way that makes sense to them? This brings me back the importance of understanding the consumers’ story in order to build meaningful relationships. My phone (to me) would be literally useless without Facebook or BBM (Blackberry Messenger), and of course I get my emails sent directly to my phone because I like the idea of ‘instant.’ Yes we are a tough market to crack, but once you get us hooked, we will go for the ride! And just a tip… WE LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!

Here is a brand that gets it right!

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